Business Development Department

Application for Business Funding (Pdf version)

Application for Small Tools Grant (Pdf version)

Application for National Parks Economic Opportunity Fund (EOF) (Pdf version)

Childcare, Youth and Disability Department

Kakivak Association delivers a number of funding programs to support opportunities for Inuit youth

  • The Career Promotion and Awareness Program provides support for projects focused on career development and awareness
  • The Summer Student Employment Program provides employer subsidies for summer work experience opportunities for Inuit students
  • The Science and Technology Program supports activities that promote science and technology as an education and career choice
  • The Mentored Work, Information and Communications Technology Work Placements Program supports mentored work experiences

For more information, or to obtain an application form, please contact Anny Chislett at

Training and Employment Department

Application for Kakivak Association Sponsorship Application (Pdf version)

Baffin Inuit Employment Programs (Pdf version)

Kakivak Student Continuation Form