About Us

Kakivak Association is a community and economic development organization serving Inuit, by providing business, employment and training services to enhance the strengths of communities in the Baffin region.

Kakivak staff are organized in three main program departments - Employment and Training, Business Development, and Childcare, Youth and Disability – and a fourth administrative department, Finance and Administration.

In addition to working to constantly improve our service delivery, Kakivak staff and board are active in promoting the interests of Inuit in forums which address the policies, programs and future needs of beneficiaries in their program areas.

Kakivak also negotiates funding arrangements with key federal departments. Our board and staff actively advocate and lobby to ensure that Nunavut is factored into national program funding allocation models.This funding forms the foundation upon which all our other program delivery capacity is built.

Over the past several years, Kakivak, has been striving to improve our programs and services, and to increase both our own organizational capacity, and community capacity in the Qikiqtani region. Our current priorities include:

  • Building stronger linkages with Communities
  • Providing an increased level of services in the Community
  • Enhancing organizational partnerships
  • Improving Program Delivery
  • Assessing Program Impacts